While visiting Tucson this week we went to a fantastic used bookstore called Bookman’s.  (If you’re from the area you’ll definitely know the place)
Anyway… we found some books we liked and on the way to the checkout I spotted a small book entitled “500 of the COOLEST SITES for CYBERKIDS“.
Our son is fairly young but definitely interested in computers and the internet.  (I don’t know where he gets that from 😉  So I am always wanting “good” sites for him to be able to learn and play on.

So far this book is very good.
Here are a few of the sites listed inside.


http://www.LearningPlanet.com/stu/kids0.asp Excellent fun learning games for kids

http://www.cbyc.com Cooking by Computer – Great tasting easy to prepare recipes for kids

They have sites about:


Gadgets and Gizmos


Games to Play

Things to do on rainy day &

Homework helper

Tons of stuff that I’m excited to check out with our kids.  If you want it yourself check it out at your local bookstore or library.  Or you can get it new or used at Amazon.com