Great response to a child about being a ‘nerd’.

Remember to be safe this holiday season!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it’s a wonderful holiday. I love spending time with family and focusing on gratitude and good things. If you’re like me, along with that comes thinking about what to get the kids for Christmas since it is only a month away.

There are many sources for finding the Black Friday ads for the big stores so I thought I’d list just a few of the not so “big” stores that you’ll want to check out for your children this year.

Check these out for some great products at some great prices from stores you can trust to deliver!

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Be sure to also check out your local newspaper Thursday morning for a lot of local ads and make sure to get something good for your child’s growth and development.
Have a great Holiday weekend!

There was a study done about kids having a hard time sleeping after watching tv shows, especially those containing violence. Including cartoons.

Check out this news article talking about it…

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Budget Travel has a nice article on 15 places to take your kids in the USA. We’re heading to Mount Rushmore this summer and this article has some great ideas that we’ll plan for the future.

” It took us hours of heated debate, weeks of research, and years of experience to whittle down America’s monuments to a definitive list of 15 musts for anyone under 15. Not only are these attractions fun and (shhhh) educational, they’re especially magical through the eyes of a child.
By Nicole Frehsee, Friday, Mar 11, 2011, 9:00 AM

A stunning look over Yellowstone National Park. (Courtesy Mila Zinkova/Wikimedia Commons)
Two years ago, we picked 15 American landmarks every kid should see, from Ellis Island to Redwood National Park. Our new and improved 2011 lineup takes that challenge even further, by highlighting how our country’s top sights cater to kids’ abbreviated attention spans. From roasting marshmallows around a campfire to playing dress-up at Monticello, these cool, interactive activities ensure that the younger set will enjoy these must-see spots as much as their parents do.

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Most kids love to snack. Snacking can be quite good for their (and our) health, but it depends on what is being eaten. Unhealthy eating can not only lead to major health problems but also poor thinking, lower grades, and ADHD symptoms. Whereas, healthy eating can cause the opposite, or positive side of these issues to occur. has a great article that talks a little about snacking and gives a recipe for a healthy crunchy snack. I wouldn’t have thought it would taste good but it looks yummy.

“My kids love snacks just as much as I love my morning coffee. It is a constant struggle in our home to provide snacks I feel good about and the snacks they will actually eat. I’m fortunate that my kids do love to eat fresh fruit such as apple slices with peanut butter. We also often eat trail mix, protein packed smoothies, and steamed soy beans (edamame). However, if my kids had their way they would eat gold fish crackers, potato chips and…

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I just read a great article on the Huffington Post website that was written by Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D. who is a child educational psychologist and an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at UCLA.

Here is the beginning of the article. I recommend you read the whole thing for some great quick ideas on assisting your child to recognize and deal with his/her emotions and finding peace within.

“What better way to help a child find happiness than to start within — being her own best friend. When your child has a best friend inside, she can be happy no matter what storms of life are outside. With a strong foundation of self-love and self-acceptance, kids learn to value their own company and integrity over just fitting in. They realize they can nurture and depend on themselves.

Like six-year-old Chloe who ran from the playground because she felt excluded and…”
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